Took us 2 years to get this CD out…. not because we had to write songs, but because life got crazy.. We moved to a farm that had been dormant for 2 decades, and we are still clearing out debris and renovating, but have muchos gracias for this life, our love, our super cool kids, and our wonderful families and friends:

Thank you Janet Hansen, Ron Gomez, Lij Shaw, Harold Jarboe & LT, Craig & Katryna Wight, Rick and Sara Schell Robert Kotchen, Sid Parker, Nathan Stiteler, Tommy Guardino, Lucas Gravel, Nathan Spears, Megan Light, Mark Miller, Chris Thompson, Jeff Poppen, Andrew Clancey & Laura Citron of Any Old Iron and Opium Vintage, Richard Trest, and all the people at Ri’chard’s Cafe, Jamie Rubin and the Family Wash, Dave Lauderdale, Red Hickey, WDVX, Palmetto Brewery.

Eliot Houser: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Hamonica, keys.
Kris McCarthy: Vocals
Ron Gomez: Bass and Acoustic Guitar.
Dave Harrison: Drums, Percussion
Fred Eltringham: Drums, Percussion on track 6.
Vinnie Ciesielski, trumpet on tracks 1 and 8.

All songs written by E. Houser-Chronicallyhip (SESAC)/K. McCarthy – EKMcFB (SESAC) except: Track 4: written with T. Guardino-Tallie Go (BMI) Track 5: wtitten with M. Miller – markandrewmillerditties (BMI) Track 7: written by E. Houser, Ned Hill – Ned Hill Music (SESAC) & J. Davis. Track 8: written with M. Light – Megan Light Music (BMI) & N. Spears – OSOLEE MUSIC (BMI). Track 10: Written by E. Houser, Donnie Bott & J. Davis. Tracks 1, 6, 8, 9, 11 & 12 recorded & mixed by Eliot Houser at Studio E in Joelton, TN. Mastered by Glenn Meadows @Mayfield Mastering. Tracks 2, 4, 5, 7 & 10 recorded & mixed by Lij Shaw @The Toy Box Studio in East Nashville, TN. Track 3 recorded by Eliot Houser @ Studio E in Joelton, TN and Mixed by Lij Shaw @The Toy Box in East Nashville, TN. Cover Art by Rachelle Kovacik. CD design + sequence mastering by Nathan C. Stiteler. Eliot Houser publishing: ChronicallyHip ((SESAC) Kris McCarthy publishing: EKMcFB (SESAC).